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1. Azusa Street – A history of Azusa Street Pentecostal revival of 1906.
2. Bible History – The Bible History, Old Testament (Edersheim)
3. Church History – History of the Christian Church (8 Volumes)
4. Dead Sea – Photos and History of the Dead Sea Scrolls
5. Early Israel – Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations
6. Big Faith – Faith That Prevails (Smith Wigglesworth)
7. Israel History – A History In Maps of Ancient Israel
8. Larkin Charts – Clarence Larkin End-Times Charts
9. Life Jesus – The Life and Times of Jesus The Messiah
10. Philo Jew – The Works of Philo Judaeus
11. Robertson WordPics – New Testament Word Pictures
12. Jewish Life – Sketches of Jewish Social Life (Edersheim)
13. Talmud – The Babylonian Talmud
15. Midrash – Tales and Maxims from the Midrash
16. Vince NT Words – Word Studies in the New Testament