Creation Vs Evolution

Did man come from apes, or were we created “according to our kind” as the bible teaches?

Creationists believe that God created the universe in 6 days. The universe is somewhere between 6000 and 10 000 years old.

Evolutionists believe that there was a “big bang”, from which all matter in existence came.  The general emphasis here is that there is no God, thus no greater intelligence that created. It all just happened by itself over billions of years (i.e. given enough time, things will organize themselves into complex systems). This is like saying that if you drop a bomb on a brick yard, given enough time a house will build itself, complete with plumbing, microwave oven, swimming pool and so on. No greater intelligence is required (i.e. a person with a mind) for this to happen, just lots of time and chance.

The difference in real life, is that an evolutionist must hold to the belief that there are no morals. It is survival of the fittest, we are all just animals.  The weak fall by the wayside and die off, leaving the strong to “evolve” into a stronger species.

If this theory is true (and it is just a theory), then what is man evolving into? We have been using weapons for all of recorded history, but we aren’t growing spear-heads or swords out of our arms. Clearly there is a need for this function, but no changes are occuring.

Creationists believe that the God of the bible exists, and that the bible account of creation is literally true and correct. In six literal, 24-hour days, God created the world, the universe, and everything in it. Species were made according to their kind, and that’s how it remains today.

If the evolutionary view was true, we would expect to see transitional forms of life on the planet, both in fossil records and living presently. However, there are no half human/apes, there are no half cat/dogs, there are no species linking the different forms of life together.

That is what we can observe, without bias. There aren’t any half tree/koalas either.

That which we observe around us, fits with a creationist point of view. Seperate species, nothing inbetween.

Dogs don’t and can’t breed with cats, humans with animals, and so on. The species are all seperate – because we were designed and created that way.

From the bible, we can also draw a moral code and learn about God’s nature.

Care for the sick, help the weak, feed the poor. The exact opposite of “survival of the fittest”.

As you can see, you cannot be a Christian and an evolutionist at the same time. Either you believe in God and creation, or you are an evolutionist who believes your ancestors are apes and, ultimately, pond scum. You can trace your family tree back to a single cell, whose origin no-one knows either.