Music Videos

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Mickey Mangum – Upon this Rock

Mickey Mangum – Lift Up Holy Hands


Murrell Ewing – You’re Gonna Make It


Donnie McClurkin – Holy, Holy, Holy


Hillsong – Worthy Is The Lamb

Christian Videos

Movie “More than a Carpenter”

Movie “The Revolutionary – Part 1” (about Jesus)

Movie “The Revolutionary – Part 2” (about Jesus)

Movie “The Emissary” (about Paul)

Creation vs Evolution – 7 free videos by Creation Science Evangelist Dr Kent Hovind

Answers In Genesis – Long list of online videos.

The Theory of Evolution Explained in One Minute

Jehovah’s Witness

The Jehovah’s Witness belief system explained.


Movie “The Bible versus the Book of Mormon”

Movie “DNA versus the Book of Mormon”

Movie “Lifting the Veil on Polygamy”


Extreme Mormons – 4:00 is where the Extreme Mormons movie starts.


Mormon Cartoon – Watch this to get an overview of Mormon beliefs.

End Time

Movie “The Omega Code”

Movie “Megiddo – The Omega Code 2”


Movie – “Called to be Free”