Useful links to help with bible study and research.

Sunday School Lesson Helps

Calvary Chapel –

Kids Sunday School Place –

Teen Sunday School Place –

DLTK Lessons –

E-Bible Teacher –

Oneness Theological

Michael Bloom’s Website “That I May Know Him”
Pastor Modarelli’s Website “Wisdom Workshop”

Kid’s Entertainment

ToonTown – Great fun and a safe environment for kids
Club Penguin – Great fun and a safe environment for kids

Creation vs. Evolution – Creation Science Evangelist Steve Grohman on Creation vs. Evolution – Suggested starting point is the “Get Answers” section. – Free online books, articles, kid’s section. Worth a visit.

Online Radio – Online radio stations delivered by UPCI for wholesome listening, great variety!

AnswersInGenesis – Radio programs (and archives) concerning the creation / evolution debate.