Free Resources

A variety of interesting and useful free resources, that will help you with your understanding of Gods’ word, the bible.

Online Bibles

Read and search over 50 Bibles at BibleGateway.Com
Online Bible and book reader, reference to verses as hyperlinks

Downloadable Bibles

Download Free Bible software for PC at OnlineBible.Com
Download Free Bible software for Mobiles at OliveTree.Com

Audio Bibles

The following link will take you to a website where you can download, for free, the bible as an audio mp3 (there’s even a Tagalog version of the New Testament). Mainly King James version, but I will add others here as I find them (NIV, NKJ etc.).

Remember to right-click links and choose “Save Target As” on some sites, otherwise the link may just play in the browser instead of downloading to your computer.

Then, transfer the file to your mp3 player and you can listen to the Word of God while you work, rest or play!

Audio Bibles – King James Version, Tagalog New Testament, and other language translations.


X3 Accountability Software – Click here

A zip file of the following 3 programs. Click here to download.

God’s Word For Windows – Bible and Topical Bible for Windows
Modster Games 4 – Four games Pastor Don created in Microsoft Word!
TwoManLan Chess – Play chess over the Internet or over a LAN.


Lots of free ebooks in the “Free Items” section at

Click here to download all of the following files.
Within the zip file, you will find the following:

1. Azusa Street – A history of Azusa Street Pentecostal revival of 1906.
2. Bible History – The Bible History, Old Testament (Edersheim)
3. Church History – History of the Christian Church (8 Volumes)
4. Dead Sea – Photos and History of the Dead Sea Scrolls
5. Early Israel – Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations
6. Big Faith – Faith That Prevails (Smith Wigglesworth)
7. Israel History – A History In Maps of Ancient Israel
8. Larkin Charts – Clarence Larkin End-Times Charts
9. Life Jesus – The Life and Times of Jesus The Messiah
10. Philo Jew – The Works of Philo Judaeus
11. Robertson WordPics – New Testament Word Pictures
12. Jewish Life – Sketches of Jewish Social Life (Edersheim)
13. Talmud – The Babylonian Talmud
15. Midrash – Tales and Maxims from the Midrash
16. Vince NT Words – Word Studies in the New Testament