The Conscience – Evidence of Creation!!!

The key principle of evolution is “the survival of the fittest.”

As you may know, the altruistic notion of “thinking of others” and “sacrificing for others” is an evidence of a CONSCIENCE that would experience GUILT if it were self-seeking. Wouldn’t it be assumed that if the “fittest” people were the “selffish” people, the conscience would have been eliminated from the gene pool by now? Surely, all of the thoughtful people would have joined armies and given their lives for the sake of the selffish ones.
Why is the conscience continually with us? The Bible teaches that the conscience is a testimony of the Law of God given to all men. To some degree or other, our conscience either excuses us or accuses us – depending upon how sensitive or insensitive we are.
When we are born again, the Lord writes the Law of God upon our hearts afresh and renews the conscience.
The conscience is a testimony of God to all men of the reality of RIGHT and WRONG – and would not have been left for us to experience if we had evolved.
The conscience serves no “fit” or “self-surviving” purpose and defies the doctrine of evolution!