Churches In Dee Why

There are a number of churches in Dee Why. While Northern Beaches Pentecostal Church is one of them, we are certainly not the only one.

The church you choose may depend on your view of the bible’s teachings. You probably go to the one you think is doing that. Makes logical sense, doesn’t it?

So, here’s a short list of churches in Dee Why, in case you’re trying to find your spiritual home.

If you’re of the Anglical persuasion, you might attend St John’s at 87 Oaks Avenue.

A popular Catholic Church is St Kevin’s at 50 Oaks Avenue.

At 3 St David Avenue is St David’s Uniting Church.

1 Fisher Road will have you at the Salvation Army church.

At 58 Fisher Road is the Christian Reformed Church.

These are a few of the churches you will find around Dee Why and hopefully we’ve covered most of the main denominations with that short list.

Northern Beaches Pentecostal moved to 18 Howard Avenue at the start of 2013. You might know it better as the Legacy Building, situated inbetween the video shop and Gloria Jean’s Coffee.

If you’re not really set in your beliefs and are curious, please feel free to drop into one of our services or give the pastor a call. If he doesn’t answer, just leave a short text and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can.

Pentecostals are welcome of course and we have a wide range of opportunities to learn about God’s word, from individual bible studies in your home to Sunday morning service and more.

We hope this article on the different churches in Dee Why has been helpful to you. Bye for now.

Pentecostal Churches In Sydney

So, you’re researching the different pentecostal churches in Sydney and perhaps trying to decide which one to attend. Here’s a bit of information on some of them and the differences you’ll encounter.

The first thing we believe is important is to find one that is aligned as closely as possible with biblical teaching. With the bible being our benchmark, we need to pay attention to what it says. After all, Christianity is based on what is taught in it.

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